Discover the Arts Around Lake Michigan

Art is defined as "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination." This can be shown in so many different ways, from paintings to photography, singing and musical instruments, to dancing and acting. The communities along the Lake Michigan shoreline are rich with a variety of cultural events that take place throughout the year. Combined with the beauty of lake views and richly forested land, this area of Michigan has emerged as a venue for those who truly love all kinds of art.


Visual Arts Along the Lakeshore

There are many talented painters, sculptors, potters, and photographers alone the lakeshore, many who's work can be seen in galleries. The visual arts are widely appreciated to bring excitement and energy into your home. A piece of artwork is meant to inspire. Whether it's functional pottery, an abstract painting that creates a sense of calmness, or a breathtaking photograph of a's art, and it was created by an artist who's mission is to inspire.

Up and down the Lake Michigan shoreline, there are many talented photographers, professional and amateur. Everyone has access to a camera these days, and a popular activity, especially along the shore line, is to take a photography workshop to build your picture-taking skills. It's difficult to really capture a sunset on your camera and have it turn out just right, so taking a photography workshop will give you the tips and tricks you need to create beautiful, life-like photographs. Photographers like Todd and Brad Reed in Mason County, or Ken Scott in Leelanau County are fantastic people to learn from.

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Music & Live Performances

What's better than spending an evening watching or listening to a great local performance? Experience plays, musicals, and concerts near the Lake Michigan shoreline, and some are even performed outside in the parks!

Scottville Clown Band
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Fine Arts & Crafts Fairs

Small towns along the Lake Michigan shoreline are known for their fantastic art fairs, bringing visitors from all over the state to see talented works of arts and crafts. Find special pieces such as hand crafted wood items, photography, paintings, jewelry, yard art, repurposed art, and so much more. Each year you'll find different vendors from all around, so don't miss the many opportunities to experience and explore the unique art available at these fantastic art fairs.

art fair
Photo by Marion Riedl
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Wisconsin Art Galleries -- Check out the many art galleries in Eastern Wisconsin. Some may exhibit and sell the works of a sole artist, while others offer art by several artists, often on a consignment basis.

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